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Sustainable Tours & Experiences

“Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities.”  (UNWTO)

Fundamental to My Bike or Hike is awareness of and appreciation for the local environment and its heritage. All tours are specifically curated to ensure that negative environment impacts are kept to an absolute minimum whilst promoting the rich heritage, small businesses and community enterprises in the locality. Born and living in the locality where I operate my tours, I have acquired a keen ear to the ground knowledge that enables me to stay small but think big in terms of the variety and richness of experiences provided.

With air and other necessary transport modes, I acknowledge that the ultimate aim of zero carbon footprint is not currently achievable. Nevertheless, My Bike or Hike continuously aspires towards this goal.

Here are some of the ways in which I set about this:

Staying Local and Small

All tour itineraries lie within a 30 km/19 mile radius of home base. Because My bike or Hike is a one man band you always enjoy an experience that is personal, consistent and in the heart of the community.

Staying Local and Small Sustainability

Low Carbon Footprint

Essential Dublin Tour Gallery 1 My Bike or Hike

Each and every one of My Bike or Hike tours are carefully curated so that they can be fully accessed and experienced using green modes of transport; that is by foot, by bike or using public transport. While arranging private transport – often for valid and unavoidable reasons – is always an option, guests are informed and encouraged in advance of booking a tour, that green modes are available and preferred if possible. Besides, whether it’s being met at your city centre hotel, guided safely along new cycle paths, or twisting along the narrow winding roads of the Dublin foothills on a double decker bus, it’s all part of the experience!

Leave no Trace

Trained in Leave no Trace awareness, My Bike or Hike adopts and promotes its 7 principles:

  1. Plan Ahead and Prepare
  2. Be Considerate of Others
  3. Respect Farm Animals and Wildlife
  4. Travel and Camp on Durable Ground
  5. Leave What You Find
  6. Dispose of Waste Properly
  7. Minimise the Effects of Fire
Leave no trace Sustainability

Local Heritage and History

Local Heritage and History Sustainability

Through extensive research and networking in the community, local folklore and stories are at the heart of every tour, giving guests a true sense of the communities they are visiting, and their heritage.

Off the Beaten Path

It is an unfortunate consequence, especially in recent times, of the popularity of so many visitor attractions in Dublin and neighbouring counties, that both human and vehicular traffic has frequently grown to excessive levels in some areas. The unwelcome congestion from well meaning visitors not only causes difficulties for local people, emergency services and such like, but crowded hiking trails and cycle paths can lead to soil erosion and accidents respectively. Being a local expert with an intimate knowledge of the area, guests enjoy lesser known but equally attractive trails and paths, not only providing a more enjoyable and memorable experience for guests, but being kinder to the environment.

Off the Beaten Path Sustainability

Local Business & Community Enterprises

From a start up cafés in the city to voluntary community enterprises in the countryside, tour stops and places of interest focus on small local businesses and enterprises, that could only have been discovered though years of venturing out and exploring the local area. My Bike or Hike has developed relationships with many local business and community enterprises who share a similar ethos. Each tour is curated with visits to these locations. Of course, this is an ongoing process as new ventures pop up and are found!

Bring Your Own

While essential items are provided when needed, guests are encouraged to bring their own items that may be necessary for the tour, such as water bottles, snacks, face coverings, sanitation wipes or fluids, and so on. While in keeping with necessary precautions during current circumstances, this policy fosters the concept of everyone taking personal responsibility for their own footprint and bringing what they really need, and no more.

Bring Your Own Sustainability

Health and Fitness

Whether on foot or by pedal, all tours rely on human and not machine propulsion to get around. So this is not just good for the environment but is good for mind and body too.

Giving Back to the Community

It is important to acknowledge that so people give generously of their time and effort to give a warm welcome to visitors to their communities. As an appreciation of this, My Bike or Hike endeavours to return in kind, such as through voluntary involvements in local events like heritage week, or assisting in the work of local map makers.

Giving Back Sustainability


As a member of Sustainable Travel Ireland My Bike or Hike can keep up to date with training, certifications and a wealth of shared knowledge across similar operators in this sphere.

Sustainable Ireland Intermediate Member 2022

“Take no more than you need and use all that you take”

(principle enshrined in the ancient Brehon Laws of Ireland)