My Bike or Hike was established in 2018 by Ben, whose vision was to provide triple A experiences for everyone in the outdoors.

The 3 A’s are:

  • Authentic – as a born and bred Dubliner, Ben offers an in-depth local knowledge
  • Active – all tours involve leisurely activity to nourish the mind and body
  • Alternative – drawing on a wealth of knowledge, tours typically follow lesser known routes but interesting places
Hiking Group

As a seasoned traveller and explorer, Ben often felt frustrated waiting in long queues or travelling long distances to visit popular tourist attractions. With a strong belief that there must be a better way to discover places, combined with his passion for both the outdoors and his own locality of Dublin and surrounds, to share and enjoy with friends and strangers alike, My Bike or Hike was born!

In tandem with these 3 key features, sustainability and safety are of paramount importance, and all tours are carefully curated with these principles in mind.



Your guide, Ben, is Dublin born and bred. Having led a successful and varied career in Ireland and overseas, Ben trained as a tourist guide to pursue his real passion – sharing his love for Dublin and surrounding counties, the great outdoors and Irish history and folklore with visitors to his home city and locality.

A lover of the outdoors, hiking and cycling are his favourite pastimes,  to venture off the beaten path and discover and explore out of the way places. With interests in the Irish language, folklore and history, he will not just provide a tour, but an enriching and memorable experience that will leave you with a desire to come back again, or equip you with tips and pointers so you can venture out yourself.

Ben is easy going by nature and is as happy to engage in casual conversation about just about anything, as he is recounting stories or citing interesting facts. In short, he will happily adapt not just your tour, but also his own style to whatever works for you.

Ben is a Failte Ireland approved tourist guide and is a member of the Approved Tourist Guides of Ireland. He also is a certified Cycling Ireland Ride Leader, trained in first aid with a REC3 (rescue emergency care) and in mountain skills. For over thirty years, he has organised and led hill walks for groups all over Ireland and regularly participates in road cycling charity events. He is fully insured as a guide. His vast experience and knowledge ensure you are in safe and capable hands.


My Bike or Hike is located in southwest County Dublin, close to the county boundaries of both Wicklow and Kildare. Staying local, therefore, it follows that all tours operate in these three counties.

As the name suggests, guided hikes and guided bike tours are both provided, following Ben’s passion and expertise. As a qualified guide, walking tours are of course on offer too.


About The Tours My BikeOr Hike

All tours are carefully curated so they can operate in a sustainable way, while offering unique and memorable experiences. The localities they pass through are thoroughly researched so guests can enjoy learn about much lesser known local history, stories and folklore. Safety of all is paramount at all times, and all necessary measures are taken to ensure compliance with current guidelines.

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Tours are organised into four general locations and themes:

  • In the City – walking and cycling tours in and around Dublin City
  • Into the Mountains – guided hikes in the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains
  • Along the Coast – a variety of nature walks, guided hikes and guided bike tours around Dublin Bay and coastline
  • Countryside and Greenways – guided bike tours along the greenways and quiet country lanes of counties Dublin and Kildare

Classification to Help You Decide Which Tour is for You

To help you decide which tour is suitable for you, tours are classified as basic, moderate and advanced, according to the experience and fitness levels generally required.

Flexibility To Suit Your Circumstances

Being small brings flexibility, so tours start and finish in a variety of locations, which means there is every chance you will find a tour on your doorstep. Not only that, but within reason, itineraries can be adjusted if necessary, so suit specific locations and timings.

Private and Public Tour Options

While walking tours in the city operate publicly, all other tours cater to private groups. This means the tour experience is more personal and can be tailored to the specific requirements and interest of you and your group.

Catering to a Variety of Group Types

With a variety of tour types and locations, there is something to suit all groups, such as families, kids, friends, colleagues and students. Tours and activities can be organised for larger or special interest groups such as schools, clubs, societies and corporate teams. There are also accessible tours for those with special requirements.

If you are looking for something outside of the set menu of tours, you can contact Ben who will be delighted to create a unique tour just for you.

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In the City Tours My Bike or Hike

In The City

Visiting Dubin City or passing through? Whether you’re new to Dublin or want to revive old memories or reacquaint with its rich history, you can choose from a variety of walking tours to suit your schedule and interests, or take a guided city bike tour to see more in less time!

Into the Mountains Tours My Bike or Hike

Into The Mountains

Staying in or around Dublin with a bit more time? Why not go for a hike in the Dublin Mountains! My specially curated, leisurely hikes are suitable for families, friends and groups of all levels. Enjoy wonderfully spectacular views whilst having a fun and healthy day out.

Along the Coast Tours My Bike or Hike

Along The Coast

With green plains to the north and west, mountains to the south, even us Dubliners sometimes forget about the wonderful vistas and fun things to do along the east coast of Dublin. Why not grab a local train, bus, bike or boat and breathe in the sea air for an unforgettable day out, and see Dublin from a different perspective!

Countryside and Greenways Tours My Bike or Hike

Countryside and Greenways

It’s back to the future, revisiting the 18th century canal towpaths. Back then it was horse drawn barges and now they are beautifully repurposed greenways just waiting to be explored on foot or by bike. No better way to get away from it all than a bike ride along the many greenways and quiet country paths of counties Dublin and Kildare.