What clothing should I wear?

Guests should wear and bring clothing and footwear that are comfortable, appropriate for the activity, and suitable for the weather conditions. At all times, this should includes raingear. In cold weather, this includeds gloves, [...]

What happens if the weather is bad?

Tours will proceed regardless of the weather conditions provided it is safe to do so. Where weather conditions deem it unsafe to proceed, a rescheule date will be offered where possible. Where this is [...]

What is the cancellation policy?

Generally, cancellations with full refund are allowed with 72 hours notice prior to the commencement of the tour, but guests will need to confrm the exact details on the booking form for each tour. [...]

Can the tour be lengthened or shortened?

For private tours, yes, tours can be shortened or lengthened at the request of the guests, for reasons such as inclement weather, energy levels, unforeseen time constraints, etc. For public tours, the set duration [...]

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